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Aging is not for wimps! 
Do not regret growing older, embrace it! 
It is a privilege denied to many.

      A Certified Senior Advisor is a professional who has completed a rigorous course of instruction in the concerns facing seniors. 
      Upon completion of the course, candidates must pass a comprehensive exam to demonstrate their knowledge of the issues and their commitment to meeting the needs of their senior clients.
" I have been a licensed insurance agent in WA for 20 years and a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) since 2003. 

" Know that I will always treat you with dignity, respect, honesty and understanding."

                    - Sandy Archdale, CSA
Sandy Archdale, CSA
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Your Trusted Senior Benefits Advisor 
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Today, the challenge of managing Senior Care is more important than ever. Having raised their children, the Baby Boom generation is now faced with retirement and managing health care costs. Americans are living longer, but a major illness or injury can wreak havoc on family and financial resources.
                   - BUT THEY DON'T HAVE TO.

The right kind of planning, recommendations and referrals can make aging a state to be savored instead of a fate to be feared. Senior Resources Washington provides guidance, planning, and security for life's most crucial times.