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Why Just Having Health Insurance May Not Be Enough
It’s estimated that more than 75% of healthy individuals over the age of 40 will become critically ill at some point during their lives.

It dominates the news – health care costs and health insurance rates are rising at a record pace. Multiple factors – prescription drug usage, over-utilization of services and procedures, increased legislation and medical advancement – are driving the increases.

Health insurance premiums and benefits have changed over the past few years. Premiums continue to increase, often dramatically, while benefits continue to decline. This means that YOU, the patient, must pay more and more out of your own pocket. 

With advancements in modern medicine, most people will survive illnesses and diseases that at one time were fatal. The cost of survival can be expensive and oftentimes goes well beyond the scope of just health insurance.

With healthcare costs rising steadily, more and more Americans diagnosed with a Critical Illness can find themselves facing a mountain of medical debt during and after their recovery. The American Cancer Society estimates that 65% of the cost of cancer treatment is not covered by traditional health insurance.

There are many things insurance just doesn’t cover. This includes loss of income, experimental treatments, travel expenses, mortgage or rent payments, home modifications, utilities, credit card payments, and more. PLUS, you still have to keep paying your insurance premiums to make sure your policy keeps paying your medical bills! Whether you are working or not!

The financial and emotional impact of an unexpected critical illness diagnosis may go well beyond the cost of their co‐pays and deductibles. Most individuals and their families are unprepared to handle the financial implications.

2/3 of all bankruptcies filed in the United States are a direct result of overwhelming medical expenses. 

Start planning now!
While no one can predict the future you can take steps today to better prepare for tomorrow. 
Affordable protection is available while you are still healthy.
Worse yet, 79% of those who filed for bankruptcy protection had medical insurance in place when they were diagnosed and treated.
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