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Can You Afford a Critical Illness?
This year, over 1.6 million people will hear the dreaded words "You have cancer." Most will survive.

It is estimated that at some 75% of seemingly healthy Americans over 40 will be diagnosed with a Critical Illness at some point in their lives.

But survival comes with a steep financial (and emotional) cost. 

Cancer, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimers - most health insurance only covers part of the costs. 


Even if you have the best health insurance policy that money can buy, you still have annual deductibles and co-pays. 

Over 2/3 of all bankruptcies are caused by excess medical expenses. Most of these people had health insurance!

Approximately 1.5 million people are currently in danger of losing their homes due to illness-related expenses. Are your HUGs protected?

H - HOUSING (rent or mortgage or escalating real estate taxes)

U - UTILITIES (heating/cooling expenses)

G - GROCERIES (you and your family still have to eat, regardless of medical bills!)

PLUS you still must continue to pay your health insurance premiums so that you do not lose your medical benefits while you are recovering from your illness—even if you cannot work!

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation to see how Critical Illness insurance can help you .... 

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