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How Critical Illness Insurance Can Work For You
Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for a devastating Critical Illness event.Too many people discover that after a Critical Illness event, their health insurance is not adequate. This results in a HUGE financial burden directly on you!

The main objective of Critical Illness insurance is to reduce stress - both financial and emotional. These policies pay 
TAX-FREE    cash benefits upon DIAGNOSIS of a covered condition. This money can be used for anything, whether to pay for housing costs, travel costs and housing to a treatment facility out of your immediate area, experimental treatments and other medical costs not covered by your medical insurance - YOU decide how to use the money, not the insurance company!

Beyond the most common Critical Illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attacks and Strokes (the "Big 3"), most plans typically cover a broad range of critical illnesses, such as:

• Alzheimers
• Blindness
• Brain Tumor
• Cancer
• Coma
• Coronary Artery Bypass
• Heart Attack
• Kidney Failure
• Major Organ Transplant
• Paralysis
• Parkinsons
• Stroke

Critical Illness Insurance is not a replacement for your major medical health insurance policy

It is, however, a very important SUPPLEMENTAL benefit that can provide much-needed financial relief and financial flexibility and peace of mind from not having to worry about how to pay your medical bills.

To learn more about Critical Illness Insurance, fill out the inquiry box to schedule a free consultation on how Critical Illness Insurance can protect you and your family.
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